Chairperson Message

It is my pleasure and honor to serve as the chairperson of the Dhaka International School's Association (DISA) this year.

DISA was founded in order to facilitate collaboration between the international schools in Dhaka, which are the standard bearers for excellence in education. The schools in our network work relentlessly to provide high quality education, employing modern systems and methods. Educational institutions bear a great responsibility in developing the citizens and leaders of tomorrow, and as such, we have an important role to play in the development of Bangladesh. All the DISA schools take this responsibility seriously, and work together to share resources and best practices.

DISA schools are striving to modernize teaching methods and resources, and train teachers to deliver according to the needs of students and in ways that are effective. In order to stay up-to-date on the modern understanding of teaching and learning, and the roles that schools play in the lives of students, our institutions must continue to learn and share. DISA continues to provide most useful support for our schools so that we can all grow and develop. We are proud of the network and professional relationships that we have built, and the role that DISA plays in letting schools share practical advice with each other. At the same time, we have established valuable and meaningful networks amongst our students and staff - as evidenced by our active and vibrant sports league, and the professional development programs and cultural events that we put on together.

With our concerted effort, I have great confidence that we are working towards a common goal - that is to promote excellence in education, for better opportunities for our students in all aspects of their development. I am proud that the network of DISA schools are contributing towards the building of the next generation of Bangladeshi citizens and leaders, and in so doing, providing an invaluable service to the nation. I look forward to working closely with the DISA schools to move onwards and upwards!


Madiha Murshed
Managing Director, Scholastica

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