Message from Inaugural Chair person

Guided by the principle of being "together for learning", the Dhaka International School Association (DISA) has gathered the leading schools in Bangladesh over the past decade. These schools have consistently worked towards the following:

  • Embedding international standards for curriculum, resources and learning beyond the classroom
  • Pupil centred learning approaches
  • High quality staff professional development and training
  • Consistently high standards of pupil performance
  • Development of the whole student

As Chair of DISA, it has been a point of pride to share in the achievements of colleagues across our network of schools, support colleagues through challenging political disruptions, engage in reflective practice, and share in celebrations. We have worked together to highlight traditional culture through our Pohela Baishak Show, hosted by International School Dhaka. We rocked along with the Battle of the Bands hosted by The Aga Khan School, Dhaka. We continue our passionate rivalry through a full calendar of Sports events led by American International School, Dhaka, and hosted by all our member schools, and we challenge our pupils to be global citizens. DISA recognises and actively pursues local opportunities for all our students to engage in community service.

DISA continues to grow and welcome new schools who support the development of the student as an individual, a balanced learner, and a global citizen who can be a source of creative solutions for local community challenges.

Warm regards

Nicola Sum
Head of Education, Aga Khan Education Service Bangladesh
Inaugural Chair, DISA

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